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Old 07-20-2008
Herst1240 Herst1240 is offline
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Default Better than Meguiar's Car Wax?

Is Mothers better than Meguiar's Car Wax?

I have a 350Z (brickhouse red) Meguiar's Car Wax works well to help bring out the shine. Where can I get a free sample of Mothers?
**Turtle wax is the worst.
Old 07-20-2008
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Default Re: Better than Meguiar's Car Wax?

We try real hard not to get into "mine is better than xxx" discussions, and since this is a Mothers company owned/moderated board, folks here will likely prefer Mothers products.

My best suggestion is to purchase the Mothers product comparable to what you're using now, do half of the hood with each; and see which you prefer. Make sure you follow each manufacturer's directions to make it a fair comparison.

Consider product application, removal and the end finish, and decide what's best for you.

And; welcome.
Old 07-20-2008
kbshadow kbshadow is offline
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Default Re: Better than Meguiar's Car Wax?

Originally Posted by Herst1240 View Post
Is Mothers better than Meguiar's Car Wax?

I have a 350Z (brickhouse red) Meguiar's Car Wax works well to help bring out the shine. Where can I get a free sample of Mothers?
**Turtle wax is the worst.


I think you will find Mothers is better.

Also you can pick up a Mothers Clay bar kit and there is a free sample of Mothers wax in it, you will be able to give it a try.

Hope this helps.

stockton ca.
Old 07-20-2008
B2Bomber B2Bomber is offline
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Default Re: Better than Meguiar's Car Wax?

if I may add, if you are going to do the side by side comparo, make sure you don't mix the two products. Meg's has a video showing this if you frequent their site. otherwise, if you don't have steady hands like me after a full detail... you might want to use a non-tacky masking tape as a border between the two products then just remove it once your done with both sides.
with regards to which one's better, I usually tell people who ask me, different strokes for different folks. some brands may be better due to their pricing, some may be more "modular" than others, others are aio (all-in-one0, etc. etc. and it's all up to the consumer. sometimes (unless you've got access to high tech test equipments) to the naked eye it would look just the same. the same reason why people would ask you "why do you keep on waxing when it's still shiny" and stuff like that. In addition, I believe each manufacturer had different thoughts for each of their respective product models and leaves the rest to the consumer's discretion.

oh, and sometimes, it all boils down to user error too... i.e. even the best product can churn out the worst result if not applied accordingly. imho.

.02 hth

btw: welcome to the waxforum.
Old 07-21-2008
Mama's Boy Mama's Boy is offline
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Default Re: Better than Meguiar's Car Wax?

Mothers does have a "satisfaction guarantee." If you buy it and use it as directed but aren't satisfied, you can return it.
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Old 07-25-2008
pete68 pete68 is offline
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Location: gatineau quebec canada
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Default Re: Better than Meguiar's Car Wax?

hi i was using mcguiar's gold class car wax and i was not impresd with it !!
let me tell u why
wax the car next day it rain and the water was not flotting on the car it was staying put so i was desapointed with the other wax but i did it again with mothers 3 step and the water doesn't stick to the body and gives a awesome look!!
my 2 cents
Old 07-25-2008
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Default Re: Better than Meguiar's Car Wax?

Woah I have been away a little while... feels good to be back. I have been working, detailing, and poking around some sweet Dodge dealerships. As a answer to your question there isn't any definate answer. I myself was a Meguiar's user back in the day and was impressed with the finished result and then Chip Foose caught my attention with Mother's advertising and I switched. In my opinion both are great products and I still use a couple of Meguiar's products but for the paint I prefer Mother's products.
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