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Old 08-05-2006
goldenglory18 goldenglory18 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
Posts: 3
Default Water Spots On Black Car!!!

hey everyone...
first i have to say that im addicted to Mothers products! i have never gotten so many compliments on the finnish of a car than i have with my new mustang. with that being said i have discovered a problem...water spots.
i have recently switched to the mothers car wash solution and got more waterspots today than i ever have before. now i know the first thing everyone will ask is "did you wash in a cool shady place" and the reply i have is that i live in tucson, arizona...there is no such thing as a cool shady place here! i have used three things to try to remove them...instant detailer, cleaner wax and showtime.
no luck.
i have a pretty good layer of reflections on the car now, so i cant understand why the spots arent coming off!!!!!
if anyone has the answer to my question, i would really appreciate it. i love my car and i want her to look as flawless as possible.
thanks again...i love mothers!
Old 08-05-2006
headshok2002 headshok2002 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 23
Default Re: Water Spots On Black Car!!!

Might have to use a polish -- maybe try something light like the pre-cleaner (step 1 from the 3 stage program).

Haha, you might laugh... but that Mr. Clean car wash works exactly as advertised. I've always been anal about how I take care of my car, so I was leery to try something made by Mr. Clean... but I did, and seriously, it works amazingly. Saves you drying the car which can leave minute scratches/swirls.
Old 08-05-2006
TonyfromOz's Avatar
TonyfromOz TonyfromOz is offline
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia
Posts: 1,136
Default Re: Water Spots On Black Car!!!

Hello again.
Just like you, I have reached the stage where I want to look after my car as best I can.

Originally Posted by headshok2002
Saves you drying the car which can leave minute scratches/swirls.

To this end I picked up some clues from all those here at the Forums, and a very important one about drying off the car after washing came from Forrest. Once upon a time, on a previous car, I used a chamois when drying after washing, and after reading the threads and posts about the damage that can do, I switched to using ordinary bath towels, while I'm waiting for the large foam cored MF drying towel to make it here to Australia.
Forrest mentioned that after washing, for the final rinse he took the end fitting off the hose and just let the water sheet across the car. Then he'd just drape the towel on the panel and pat dry.
I do this with one of the bath towels I'm currently using. I then use a second towel for the final 'mopping up' process, and then use a plush MF towel to add the final 'polish' process. I've found that by using towels that are clean prior to use that I have no trouble at all with inducing swirls.
I'm not yet game enough to try out using 'Reflections' during this last rinsing process, but that time is fast approaching, as I become more confident.
I know that this is of no real assistance to you goldenglory18, but it might help for the next time you wash your car.

"Old man look at my life, I'm a lot like you were."------Neil Young.
Old 08-05-2006
headshok2002 headshok2002 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 23
Default Re: Water Spots On Black Car!!!

Yeah that is very true, there are careful ways of drying the car -- like the foam cored MF you mentioned. But honestly I believe the Mr. Clean to be a great product, and I have no problems saying so. When I was on my way home with it, I really saw myself throwing the thing in the garbabe... but as a black car owner, forced to wash the car out in the sun, I was grasping at straws. If I were to carefully drape a towel over a section, pat it dry, and move on... the rest of the car would be spotted by the time I was done the second portion. :P Honestly, if you own a black or dark coloured car... or if water spotting is a problem for you at all, just try the Mr. Clean thing. It works exactly as it is supposed to.
Old 08-07-2006
Bama's Avatar
Bama Bama is offline
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Enterprise, AL
Posts: 847
Default Re: Water Spots On Black Car!!!

Kenny, try Mother's Pre-wax Cleaner with a microfiber applicator. It usually removes water spots for me or you can try Mother's Cleaner Wax also, which works on washing waterspots. In fact, I used the Cleaner Wax Saturday to remove some washing water spots.

Just remember if you use the Pre-wax Cleaner that you will need to reapply a wax to that area because it will remove any products on the paint.
Old 08-08-2006
Vob Vob is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Marysville, Washington State
Posts: 27
Default Re: Water Spots On Black Car!!!

I've had that same problem with my black cars. As far as removing the existing waterspots, I think Bama hit the nail on the head, using pre-wax cleaner.
I've been using Reflections spray wax on my wet vehicles after I wash and it really helps to keep the spots off the cars. I just spray it on a MF cloth and apply it as I dry my cars, also I try to rinse the entire car after washing each section so that the water doesn't have time to dry on the vehicle. Theirs nothing worse than a nice looking black car with a bunch of white spots on it.
Marysville, WA
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