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Old 10-20-2005
pkgto66 pkgto66 is offline
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Default Show car Shine on my Black 1997 Eclipse

Hi, I have a 1997 eclipse and its black. I now know how hard it is to keep a black car looking clean. However, I am very involved in the auto industry. I go to just about all of the car shows and events that i can. However, I have entered my car into some of these shows but i have been extemely disapointed. I have good looking car but, my paint doesnt look wet or like any of the other black show cars. I was told that Meguiars number 7( i think) was the wax to use so i put it on w/ my nakita power buffer/waxer. I was really depressed to find that all it did was made my car look clean but not shine or wet look. I want my car to have that show car shine. Like when i look at this picture i have below. I want my car to shine like that. Tell me please what i need to buy and what i need to do. Please just help me out because nobody so far has helped me. I called Mothers trying to get some tips and they wouldnt help me out. So, If any of you can guide me please do.
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BELOW IS THE PIC of wat a wet and mirror shine i want

Old 10-20-2005
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Default Re: Show car SHine on my Black 1997 Eclipse

It's not fair to compare the paint on a $40K plus new car to that on an 8 year old car. Technology has improved greatly since 1997.

Before we start on suggestions, keep in mind the #7 you used is a glaze, not a wax. Glazes don't offer protection.

If you want the wettest, deepest shine possible, you need to remove all the surface imperfections and defects. You need to start by claying, then use a polish (like our PowerPolish) and a machine (like the porter Cable 7424/7336) with appropriate pads (Lake Country yellow cutting, followed by their white polishing).

Then, you'll be able to apply whatever produts you choose for the look you desire.

Keep in mind the look you're after isn't from specific products - it's from a process. The products you use at the end are only the means to protect the flawless finish you desire and have prepared.

I'm sorry the folks at the office weren't able to spend time with you on the phone going through the process. The SEMA show, the industry's kickoff show for new products starts week after next. We're working around the clock to finish up catalogs, new products, programs and displays. We just don't have time right now to catch our breath.

Fortunately, is a great place to come to for that information.

Let us know if you need more info.
Old 10-21-2005
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Default Re: Show car SHine on my Black 1997 Eclipse


I would try the following:

1. wash
2. clay
3. Power polish, following Forrest's suggestion
4. Reflections wax
5. Reflections Topcoat

Surface preparation is the key. Using Meguiar's #7, you need to have a well prepped surface to see the results from this polish. I agree with Forrest. There are several companies that make quality products for your car's paint, but the process is more important than the actual products themselves. It is a lot of work to achieve and maintain a show car finish. On a daily driver, it is almost impossible due to daily enviromental factors that attack your paint.
Old 10-22-2005
lineman lineman is offline
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Default Re: Show car Shine on my Black 1997 Eclipse

I recently went through the same thing with my black Ford.
When I finished, it was clean, smooth and shinny but now where like the pic you sent. I was kind of dissapointed also.
Come to find out I didn't spend enough time with the polish end of the process nor did I use the polish correctly with the proper pads. What a bummer! Also I'm not sure I'm going to acheive the same results with Ford paint as we see on high dollar foreign cars, but I am going to try to get as close as I can. I have gotten some advise on where I might have gone wrong and am going to give it another try and try to do a better process with the polish use and correct pads. After that I'll figure thats all I'm going to get out of the paint and at least it will be protected.
If you can, ask about proper use of the polish you are using, how long to work it and all and pads to use. Looks like others have already gotten you on the road with that.
Good luck and let everyone know how it went.
Old 10-22-2005
pkgto66 pkgto66 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: St. Louis,Missouri
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Cool Re: Show car Shine on my Black 1997 Eclipse

I heard that if i clay bar my car that the spider cracks i have will worsen. Can Anyone tell me exactly what products from mothers i need?
Old 10-22-2005
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Default Re: Show car Shine on my Black 1997 Eclipse

"Spider Cracks?"

You might mean "spider-webbing?"

They're very light surface scratches that tend to accumulate over time due to dirt on the surface, infrequent washes or improper washing and/or drying methods, and inadequate protection.

If that's what we're talking about, using a clay bar may bring those out simply because you're removing anything that may be hiding those, like a sealer & glaze product.

If you can provide more background as in what context this was discussed, or if there's paint damage that we're unaware of, it would be helpful.

But it's generally best to use a clay first so you remove any contaminants on the surface before you polish and wax. Do you feel bumps on the surface even after you just washed it? If so, and you can see little "bumps" that rub off if you work hard enough at it, you should clay. Claying safely removes those bumps.

Especially since you're working with a dark color and it's now about 8 years old, it sounds like you might benefit from a mechanical polishing which will help remove that spider-webbing. Or if you're working by hand, a pre-wax cleaner followed by a sealer & glaze, which will help hide the spider-webbing.

With either method, finish with an appropriate wax product.

Some of the guys who have worked on black cars have some good advise, so look around and see what worked for them.
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