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Old 08-28-2007
Ian7 Ian7 is offline
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Default Scratch remover

I've got a 1986 Honda Accord the paint is next to perfect except for a couple scratches. there are a few that just got the clear coat, but there are 2 that went as deep as the paint. I Guess 21 yrs will do that to a car
Can the scratch remover handle this sort of thing?


I have the 3 step on it right now...
Am I better to use the scratch remover and then steps 2 and 3 (or cleaner wax) or should i use the pre-wax cleaner, then the scratch remover then 2&3?
Old 08-28-2007
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Default Re: Scratch remover

Welcome to WaxForum!

Try the Scratch Remover and see how it responds. So long as you're not down to the metal (and you're pretty sure it won't rust), you'll likely at least be able to minimize the appearance of the scratches.

It's generally best to follow Scratch Remover with whatever wax products you're using now (in this case, the 3-step), but depending on the color you probably can get by with less -- the most important thing is to get a layer of protection on those areas, so at least apply Step 3 Pure Carnauba Wax or our Cleaner Wax if you have it (the one included in our clay kit)
Old 08-28-2007
Ian7 Ian7 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Quebec Canada
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Default Re: Scratch remover

The car is a dark gray / charcoal. I've got the full 3 step and cleaner wax (paste). I was also wondering if i used the pre-wax first if the scratch remover would penetrate better. And if i used cleaner wax.. i believe it removes the sealer and glaze correct? and what could that result in?

sorry about the pic... i dunno why it pixelated
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Old 09-16-2007
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Default Re: Scratch remover

Scratch Remover should be used before (or instead of) Step 1, IMHO. SR is more aggressive.
Using the cleaner wax after Step 2 might well remove all the Step 2, so the final result would be the same look as skipping Step 2, but it would take longer, as you would have applied Step 2 and removed it.

Just for the sake of experimentation, I used the Scratch Remover and a polishing pad on my PC. For those of you who were wondering if SR could be used via machine, the answer is yes it can.
For those who were wondering if it could be used over large areas, such as a whole car, again, the answer is yes it can.

And, as another point of interest, I did a side by side with the SR and Power Polish (newer, thicker version, also with a polishing pad) to see what's what, and noticed that, for whatever reason, the part polished with PP was smoother/slicker than the part done with the SR. Don't know why, but there you have it.
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