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Old 08-18-2007
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Default Left Brain, Right Brain, and Car Care.

Late Saturday night there now means that it’s Sunday afternoon here, so you won’t see this one till you all check in on Sunday morning.
They say that men intuitively think with one side of their brain, and women think with the other side, and there’s actually excellent evidence to prove this, the two examples that might be urban myths being that women have to turn a road map upside down to align with the direction the car is moving down the road, while men can open the door to the refrigerator to look for something and even though it’s directly in front of them, they can’t see it. (unless it’s beer of course) Both sides will dispute both myths, because both might see perceived offence in those examples. Men would like to believe that they are SNAG enough to think with that feminine side of their brain, but I actually came across two examples today that accentuate enough to believe that it really might be true, and one of them actually equates to car care which I’ll get to.

My Mum is moving house, and she wanted me to see the house prior to moving in so we could figure out where things would actually fit.
The place where she is now has two bedrooms of the same approximate size, and because she’s on her own, that second bedroom is a study where she has the computer setup, her desk as well as a second bed for when interstate family and friends visit and stay short term.
The new unit has the main bedroom considerably larger than the second room. Her computer setup and desk will fit in a pinch in that second bedroom because it is the same size as where it all is now, but there is no phone connection for her Internet, and the natural light is from a different direction, and with doors and windows also in odd positions for setting things up easily. That second phone connection is however in the main bedroom, where she has never had a phone before. She canvassed moving into the second bedroom and using the master bedroom as the study because the natural light is excellent and it’s roomy enough to fit everything. I urged her not to do this, and then set about finding a way to have the required phone fittings put into the room, and to then try and fit all that stuff into a differently set up room.

Back at her old unit, I was working overtime on finding a way for structuring that room, but it was going to be a lot of work. My sister dropped in for coffee, and Mum and her were talking in the other room while I was taking things down in her study. When I was called up for coffee, my sister suggested putting the desk in the spare room with the single bed, and having her computer desk in that large extra space in her main bedroom where the phone outlet already was situated. The simplicity of the suggestion highlighted the fact that I looked for the traditional hard way to work it out while a simple suggestion like this slid straight by me. It’s going to save a lot of work and also money, and makes the setting up considerably easier.

The car side of things is also one that slid by me.
It’s been raining today. It hasn’t been heavy enough to completely wash over the car, and not even enough to justify having the windscreen wipers on intermittent even. The rain was so light enough that the drops, when mixed with the fine airborne dust particles created small spots that completely covered the car, without actually touching the next spot, if you can visualise that picture.

When I arrived home, the routine assessment walk around showed that the spots, not being large dirt particles that might scratch were however enough that reflection showed that my only real option would be a complete car wash. Those spots had all dried. I came inside for a coffee, and my good lady wife went into the garage for a clothes drying rack, and saw the car. She asked why I hadn’t cleaned it, and I mentioned that I thought the only option was to wash the car.

She suggested Showtime and a microfibre cloth might work because the spots were not grit that might scratch. She knew that I usually used the Showtime to spot clean when we arrived home, but she suggested doing the whole car with the Showtime.
I hadn’t even thought of that, so I went and had a further closer look, and surmised that it might actually work.
I tried an out of the way spot first, and then when that proved to do nothing untoward, I tentatively started on the whole car. It took around a half hour, and came up perfectly. Just a light spray and then wipe off with the MF cloth. The dirtiest part was the vertical flat sections at the rear of the car, but that’s expected due to the ‘Venturi Effect’ and that just took a little extra spray, and a slightly heavier pressure, with no untoward effects there.
I then did the glass and the lenses front and rear.

So, a task that worked very well, and another car care tip learned, from an unexpected direction.
They say you learn something new every day.
Left brain right brain. I learned that too.

One question though. There’s an inch or so left in my bottle of Glass Cleaner, and it’s in the older shaped bottle. One thing I did notice, and this was the same for my original bottle of Showtime, now long empty, but also in the old style bottle, was that those older style bottles have the nozzle that has the 2 Off positions and the 2 On positions being Stream and Spray, whereas on the newer spray bottles, the 2 On positions just have the spray icon, and both are Spray only.
Do the new design spray bottles only have the facility to Spray only, or is this just on the Showtime bottle, and the spray wax bottles.


"Old man look at my life, I'm a lot like you were."------Neil Young.
Old 08-19-2007
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Default Re: Left Brain, Right Brain, and Car Care.

All my Mothers products (at least 3 different ones) have the same sprayer -- off / spray.
Old 08-19-2007
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Default Re: Left Brain, Right Brain, and Car Care.

"New" sprayheads are on/off only.
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