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Old 06-14-2014
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Default Forrest at Times Square

Forrest at Times Square.
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Old 06-14-2014
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Default Re: Forrest at Times Square

Cool image kbshadow. Forrest is a star, even without prime billing in Times Square.

Speaking of Forrest and The Power Tour, how cool is this.

The first image below was taken during Day Three of the Tour.

I suppose it's an obscure thing to place in the images of a Car event, but we all know Forrest's penchant for looking out for historical sites during each of these Tours and this is actually no different really.

The Image is of the Pleasants Power Station. It's at a place called Willow Island on the Ohio River, near Belmont in West Virgina. This image is taken from the Newport Pike on the Ohio side of the River.

The caption for the image is this:
Forrest tells us that coal-fired steam stations pulverize coal and mix it with hot air to boil water. The steam reaches temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures up to 3,500 pounds per square inch in order to turn a series of giant turbine blades. The blades are connected to a generator, which produces electricity.
Now, while this is information of a general interest nature, this plant does have a historical background, albeit infamous in its nature.

The plant was finally opened in 1980, but 2 years earlier, during the construction, there was a terrible accident there.

See that fat stack at the left of the image, well, that's one of the cooling towers, and the white stuff pouring out the top is cooling water vapor, (steam really) because at the base of the tower is the cooling pond for the steam after it has gone through the turbine cycle.

In 1978, during construction of one of the two cooling towers, scaffolding collapsed during a concrete pour and while the existing concrete had not quite gone off, (set) the whole structure came down, and 51 construction workers lost their lives, in what is still one of the worst construction accidents in U.S. history.

While Forrest mentions it all correctly there, the turbine he is talking about is really a three stage turbine. The second image below gives some idea of the scale, as this worker is working on just one part of half of one of the two the Low Pressure Cylinders, which is Stage Three of the turbine complex.

The third image below shows a schematic of the power generation cycle with that three stage turbine in the centre. The pulverized coal (to a powder consistency) is forced into the boiler at left. where the water in the pipes is turned to steam, pressurised and then it drives Stage One, Two and Three with some steam going back to the boiler for reheating and pressuring after each stage, and some on to the next stage, and then some to the cooling ponds under the fat stacks.

Now, that pressurized steam has to be enough to actually drive the turbine. The turbine drives the generator rotor, which as in this case has a rotor weighing in the vicinity of 700 tons. It has to be turned over at 3600RPM, so that turbine has to turn that huge weight 60 rotations every second.

There are two units at this site, so two generators, each generating 650MW, so with both generators running it's making 1300MW, or the equivalent of 1.7 MILLION horsepower.

The whole unit runs flat out at this speed all the time, and only stops for scheduled maintenance periods.

Oh, and next time you fuel up your car, compare that to what it takes to fuel this power plant. There are 2 units, and while in operation, each single unit consumes one ton of powdered coal every 14 seconds.

John, thanks for including this image, and the text from Forrest. See why he's a legend.

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"Old man look at my life, I'm a lot like you were."------Neil Young.

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Old 06-15-2014
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Default Re: Forrest at Times Square

It looks like a cover shot for magazine.
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