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Old 08-31-2010
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Default 89 Red Truck, thin paint, how to care for?

Hi all. Looking for help with my red colored 89 toyota truck. I’ve had this truck for 18 years, and have generally taken very good care of it, washing and waxing (carnauba) pretty regularly. But, over all these years, each time I washed and waxed, a some small amount of red paint was removed.

A couple of years ago, on the top of the cab, gray primer began showing through. This has continued to show more over time. Generally, the rest of the vehicle looks good, but I expect I’m getting thin on paint in more places. Because of this, I’ve become more and more reluctant to use polish, or anything that will remove additional paint.

So my question is, how best to care for the truck at this point. I’m planning on claying it, and would like to use the 3-step system but am reluctant to use a cleaner or polish after, and am wondering if it’s best just to go straight to a carnauba cleaner wax, or perhaps just a synthetic spray wax (FX), or perhaps use some other method.

Any input or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Old 08-31-2010
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Default Re: 89 Red Truck, thin paint, how to care for?

Welcome to Wax Forum!

You have what is called "single-stage paint" -- a process that has not been used much in recent years, so getting a little red on your applicator is normal, as you might know.

For others reading here, most vehicles now are different in that they have a basecoat (color) and a clearcoat (clear) -- this two-stage process is dictated by a variety of things, mostly environmental concerns as well as manufacturing processes. So when you polish a vehicle with a clearcoat, you shouldn't get any body color on the applicator.

The one thing to consider in your case is that the top of the cab will tend to get much more sun than any other surfaces when parked out in the open, so the top will tend to oxidize more (even if you can't see the difference). To remove that oxidation it has taken the removal of slightly more of the paint than elsewhere (even if you haven't noticed). Over time those little differences, as well as manufacturing tolerances in the spray process, have likely added-up.

The best thing to do is to do as little as possible to get it in good shape -- certainly clay and you should use the 3-step Ultimate Wax System if it needs it. As frequently as possible, apply Pure Carnauba Wax to keep it protected.

And you could apply two light coats of Pure Carnauba Wax to the top for added measure.

If the paint does not need polishing, instead of the 3-step, you might consider using FX SynWax (liquid or paste) since it's so very easy to use and you'll want to apply something often.

Another suggestion, no matter which wax products you use, is to introduce our FX Spray Wax in your drying routine after a wash. FX Spray Wax will help ease the drying process and provide some added protection without any wear on the delicate and aging finish.
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