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Old 01-09-2007
Cabo Wabo Scott Cabo Wabo Scott is offline
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Cool New Truck treated wtih Express Card Sys

I have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma doublecab with Indigo Ink Pearl paint. When I purchased the truck from the dealer, they sold me Express Care Paint protection. I was wondering how often should I wax the truck or should I wax it at all?

Old 01-10-2007
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Default Re: New Truck treated wtih Express Card Sys

Welcome, and congratulations on your new Toyota!

We get similar questions about dealer-applied paint protection and warranty programs. While we don't have specific opinions, consumer editors in print and online have provided some insight that usually such protection packages aren't as good as they sound when you're being pressured into buying them. Google "dealer paint protection" and do a little research if you like.

One problem with these programs is that since they're installed at the dealer level, they're not always done with consistent expertise. Unfortunately, it seems the only real good thing about them is they pad the finance department's bottom line.

Check the fine print and see what it says in terms of providing you peace of mind. Likely you'll find you'll need to use their product (which is likely a synthetic wax/sealant) once or twice a year. If it does the job and you're happy with it, stick with that.

If not, shift to traditional products.

We do recommend new car owners consider claying and waxing at your first opportunity because of surface contaminants that can attach themselves to new vehicles even during the short time since they left the factory. If you have surface contaminants, you should probably clay. Certainly waxing follows, be it a 1-step, 2-steps or 3-step regimen of traditional products -- or their product.

You might not need to clay, but then again, you have to inspect the paint and decide from there.

How's the finish look?

Any spiderwebbing or other defects?

How's it feel?

Answers to those questions will help you decide what to do next.

And please let us know if we can assist you.
Old 01-10-2007
Cabo Wabo Scott Cabo Wabo Scott is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Los Angeles, CA
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Default Re: New Truck treated wtih Express Card Sys

Hello again and thanks for the quick reply. The protection plan I purchased from the dealer ( seems to be working quite well and comes with a 5 year warranty.

I want to keep the paint in top condition and didn't know if using the Power Polish & Power Wax with a PC 7424 would be good step for additional protection. Any thoughts? Thanks again!!
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