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Old 09-08-2015
LSCmuscle LSCmuscle is offline
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Default Plastic chrome & stainless steel

I was going to detail my dad's truck and realized that it has the trendy plastic chrome in multiple areas. Being that my car has real chrome trim, I was unfamiliar with this material. I started searching for the best product to use to restore the finish as best as possible. However, the deeper I searched the more contradicting information I found.

From what I gathered pertaining to the chromed plastics, they are a soft finish that technically can't be treated/polished in the same manor as traditional chrome. Instead it was recommended to use a [B]cleaner wax[B] such as FX syn wax or the Carnauba cleaner wax. Further reading lead me to the thread describing how to choose the right polish for your wheels. Under chrome clad (plastic chrome), it referenced using wax as protection, but to treat them like painted/coated rims and use plastic polish to actually polish them. Then, the last three posts in this thread contradicted everything I had previously read.

I understand the All Chrome spray is a new product that was released after some of the information I sited. I'm just trying to figure out which is the best/safest product to address this dull trim with water spots and some minor swirls?

My second question came about after reading a bunch of polish threads on the forum. I know that Mothers chrome polish is considered a mild non-abrasive formula. I also know choosing the right polish for the surface you are working on is essential to obtain good results and also to not cause any damage to the surface you are working on.

That being said, after reading numerous threads and some prior advice given to me (on this forum), I came to the conclusion that when it comes to metal polishes the order of least aggressive to most aggressive would be chrome polish, then billet polish, and lastly mag & aluminum polish. This thread (post #2), along with the fact that when working on neglected stainless steel you should start with mag & aluminum polish to initially restore and then follow up with billet polish for a flawless finish, helped me come up with that order.

Again though, further reading lead me to more contradicting info on this subject. Posts 7 and 8 in this thread were totally different.

If my order is right, would it be safe to assume that chrome polish would enhance the finish of stainless steel after using billet polish?

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.

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Old 09-09-2015
Forrest T.'s Avatar
Forrest T. Forrest T. is offline
Mothers® Polish
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Default Re: Plastic chrome & stainless steel

Our new for 2015 All-Chrome Quick-Polish was developed primarily for those automotive "plastic chrome" surfaces. It's currently our go-to product for plastic chrome grills and other trim pieces.

As for the order of aggressiveness, keep in mind chrome is a hard thin, plating.

Stainless and aluminum are alloys, with stainless being much harder than aluminum. Personally, I wouldn't use a chrome polish on an alloy, and I wouldn't use an aluminum polish on chrome.

That said, if you were wanting to restore stainless on your car, the proper order would be 05150 Power Metal Scratch Removing Polish with a 05142 PowerBall Mini MD, followed by any of our "regular" aluminum polishes (05100/05101 Mag & Aluminum Polish or 05112 California Gold Metal Polish - Liquid) with any of the regular Power tools (05140 PowerBall, 05141 PowerBall Mini, 05146 PowerCone).

You'd follow that with 05106 Billet Metal Polish - first with a regular Power tool above and then a final application by hand.

Stainless requires speed, so you'll want to use a drill at a high setting for defect removal and restoration. As you move to the "regular" metal polishes, you'll reduce the speed.

If you have any questions, call Jimmy D in our tech support department. He's the best.
Old 09-09-2015
LSCmuscle LSCmuscle is offline
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Michigan
Posts: 79
Default Re: Plastic chrome & stainless steel

Thanks Forrest.
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