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Professional Discussion of Mothers® Professional line for use in paint finishing by trained body shop professionals. General product answers only will be given here -- you should already be trained in standard professional finishing techniques or consult your distributor.

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Old 10-08-2009
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Default PowerPolish vs. Machine Glaze and Foam Pad Polish

Hi. I got curious again.

Does the PowerPolish (#08616) have the same aggressiveness as the Machine Glaze (#82332) or the Foam Pad Polish (#83432)?


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Old 10-08-2009
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Default Re: PowerPolish vs. Machine Glaze and Foam Pad Polish

We talked with our Professional team and it's pretty technical but hopefully I can translate properly.

The PowerPolish works differently than any of the Professional products, which really act as a system, or series of systems and are primarily formulated for paint finishing and not detailing. Paint finishing involves removing sanding scratches with the various rubbing compounds, and then removing the swirls as a result of the compounding step or steps, then final finishing. They are pretty job-specific.

Remember that PowerPolish is formulated to work aggressively if you have a cutting pad or not so aggressively if you have a fine polishing pad; in other words, the design of the pad defines how the polishes cut initially. It's considered easier to work with as you're relying more on the pad rather than experience and technique -- it's more versatile and consumer-friendly in the aspect that you're only going to do so much "cutting" based on the pad you choose.

If you want something similar to PowerPolish but perhaps a touch more aggressive and a little less pad dependent, it would be the Foam Pad Polish.

Machine Glaze is more of a cleaner, where Foam Pad Polish is that and more.

If you haven't reviewed them already, please visit our Professional Line section, and be sure to look at our Application Chart.

Keep in mind that the Professional products aren't designed for routine use -- they're designed for finishing and repair.
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