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Professional Discussion of Mothers® Professional line for use in paint finishing by trained body shop professionals. General product answers only will be given here -- you should already be trained in standard professional finishing techniques or consult your distributor.

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Old 02-12-2009
MikeD MikeD is offline
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Default Professional Products

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the forum but have been lurking and reading. I don't think I saw any answers to this so here goes:

I'm going to be repainting a motorcycle project. After final wet-sanding of the clear coat, I'll need to buff and get a perfect finish. I was looking at the Professional line of products. I have a PC 7424.

Assuming 1500-2000 grit sanding scratches:

1) What products (professional line or other) would you recommend me using to take me from wet-sand marks to mirror finish?
2) What pads should I be using with the 7424 for each step of the compounding/polishing?

Any other tips or tricks?


Old 02-25-2009
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Default Re: Professional Products

Hello Mike and welcome! Before I can answer your questions I need to ask one ! You refer to having a PC 7424, could you be a little more specific for me please as to this ?

Professional & Marine Products Specialist
Old 02-25-2009
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Default Re: Professional Products

Originally Posted by Robert M. View Post
Hello Mike and welcome! Before I can answer your questions I need to ask one ! You refer to having a PC 7424, could you be a little more specific for me please as to this ?

Probably a Porter Cable 7424, which is a 6 inch random orbital polisher.
Old 02-26-2009
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Default Re: Professional Products

Robert can answer in greater detail when he gets a chance, but you need to keep in mind the professional products are made for use with a rotary, not a DA like the Porter Cable 7424.

I would not recommend using any of the professional products with a DA to try and remove sanding scratches.

If you're comfortable (and proficient) with a rotary, they would be a great choice.
Old 03-03-2009
Neisan M.'s Avatar
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Default Re: Professional Products

Hello Mike,

As Forrest mentioned, our Professional line of products are made for use with a rotary and is strongly recommended. With your DA, there are two variables that we are identifying and that is:

1. The use of a DA with our Professional Products
2. A smaller working surface - a motorcycle.

With this in mind, the project will take time. For the use of a DA we would recommend going up to 3000 for a smoother surface or to create finer scratches. Follow up with our Mothers Professional Rubbing Compound using a yellow Lake Country Pad and finish with Mothers Foam Pad Polish using a white or black finishing pad. As an additional step for added shine, you may end with Mothers Professional Hand Glaze following the Foam Pad Polish. Using a DA will make the job that much more difficult and will require some hand work as well with the rubbing compound.

Hope this helps. Keep in touch and keep us posted!
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