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Old 12-17-2004
ktlimq ktlimq is offline
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Default 303 claims that other protectants do harm

303 claims that their protectant is good for car door seal, car bra, and tires.

Other protectants will do harm on these surfaces, according to 303.

303 says other protectants will eliminate breathability, or even clog pores, of seals and car bra, and thus will make more water condensation and do harm on painted metal.

303 also says other protectants or tire dressings damage tires.

However, I doubt 303's claim.
They say a product with 'apply second coat for more shine' phrase on the label contains silicone. They also claim that silione is bad for tires.
However, Michelin Tire Care has such phrase on the label, but recommended by tire manufacturer, Michelin.

They have a chart comparing 303 protectant and other 'leading' protectant.
On the chart, the leading protectant has low cleaning ability. So I guess they are specifically comparing 303 Protectant with Mothers Preserves. Lexol, Meguiars, TurtleWax protectants claim cleaning ability.

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Old 12-17-2004
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Default Re: 303 claims that other protectants do harm

I think their chart is all about marketing ambiguities, since it makes no claims to specific manufacturers, or products.

I read their MSDS sheet, and ours, and don't see much difference between the 2, not that much can be gleamed from MSDS info.

303 is a fine product, and most folks will be happy with the way it works. I think ours has a similar finish and smells much nicer.

Is 303 worth the price over other brands? - that's for you to decide. I'd suggest purchasing and comparing brands, and sticking with the one you like best. For me, that's Mothers Protectant.

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Old 12-17-2004
Mama's Boy Mama's Boy is offline
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Default Re: 303 claims that leading protectants are bad

I would think that the "leading " protectant would be Armor All, considering that you can find it at just about any store, gas station, or car wash. Don't know for sure, though.

Not to get too technical (because, well, I don't know enough to be too technical ), but "silicones" by itself doesn't mean bad. Petroleum based silicones, such as were prevalent in "Leading Protectants" a few years back, are bad for vinyl, tires, etc., but water based silicones aren't. Mothers Preserves® (I don't know anything about the new Protectant) is a water-based silicone emulsion that isn't supposed to harm anything.
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Old 12-17-2004
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Default Re: 303 claims that leading protectants are bad

The new Mothers Protectant and the old Mothers Preserves Protectant are exactly the same products - the only difference is the new cool packaging, and now there will be both a 16 oz. and a larger 24 oz. size.
Old 12-17-2004
kbshadow kbshadow is offline
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Location: Stockton Ca.
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Default Re: 303 claims that leading protectants are bad

I've used 303 for years, bought a gallon of it.

First used it on a new trailer that is kept in the hot California sun.

The decals, trim, tires stayed like new, worked very well.

Tried Mothers preserves a year or so ago on my cars, did one car with Preserves and one with 303 to compare.

After doing that several months found the results were identical, both kept the tires and trim looking like new and lasted the same.

Both were great products but found Preserves less expensive and eaiser to find at the local auto stores so have been using Preserves.

Also have tried most of the others and after one use either gave them away or threw them away, did not like them.

Stockton Ca
Old 07-10-2005
pthread pthread is offline
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Default Re: 303 claims that leading protectants are bad

This is a great thread. Glad I found it! Thanks for the review. You never know who you'll help.
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