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Interior Care Fabric? Vinyl? Leather? Alcantara? Wood? Plastic? Discuss how to identify your interior surfaces and use the right product and technique for the best results.

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Old 09-18-2005
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Default Shampooing Floor / Seats

How often should i shampoo my carpets and seats. I dont wana help rust grow under the carpet. Thanks
Old 09-19-2005
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Default Re: Shampooing Floor / Seats

An important step in proper automotive interior cleaning is to not soak fabrics... be it carpet or upholstery -- it will help ease your fears of rust, plus also prevent problems for any electrical components or connectors that may be hiding.

While you can use a shampooer/extractor equipment which briefly gets your upholstery and carpet wet, you want to be doubly sure that you vacuum-up as much of the moisture as possible by going over areas repeatedly and allowing air to flow through the vehicle if possible.

One probably wouldn't need to use a machine if you vacuum regulary and don't let the kids in the car with food (young and old kids alike). Spot treat with a carpet and upholstery cleaner by hand as necessary. Perhaps clean all surfaces with a carpet & upholstery cleaner every couple of months.

The Car Care Planner on the Intro page of the Detail Guide at indicates that you should vacuum weekly, though you'll have to be the judge as to how frequent your interior needs a good vacuuming, as well as to how often it needs a shampoo-type cleaning.

If you keep up on the vacuuming, you'll need heavy cleaning less often.

Worthy of note: a clean and well-maintained interior also means it will last longer. Dirt and grit wear away at fabrics and leather -- and their stitching.

As with all vehicle surfaces, it is recommended to take the least aggressive approach first, and that is what is outlined in the interior section of the Detail Guide at -- and with that method, you shouldn't have any fears of rust. If that method doesn't work, repeat; and if that fails, then approach it with a machine.
Old 09-19-2005
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Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Deansboro Ny ( Upstate )
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Default Re: Shampooing Floor / Seats

Thank you. It did a wonderful job on my seats and carpet. Vacum and carpet cleaner did Nothing like the Shampoo'er.
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