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Default Re: Will wax protection last longer with several coats?

Originally Posted by tvc15_2000

1. Will wax protection last longer if you wax more frequently?

2. I have read one should wax about every 3 months.

3. Does the wax protection build up and last longer or am I wasting my time?


1. As a general reply, yes. If you wax once a month, that coat of wax is likely going to be still be there 30 days later. If, however, you were to check the car 90 days later, it's likely that the car would be ready for a new coat of wax. As others have noted, a good synthetic wax will usually outlast a natural carnauba wax.

2. How often one should wax depends on a number of things, most of them personal to your needs, desires, and how much time you have to devote to washing, polishing and waxing your car. And, what type of wax you're using -- synthetic or carnauba. Every 3 months, is a good rule of thumb. If time permitted, every other month, that is, every 60 days would be fine too. Many car detailing enthusiasts wax every other month.

A lot depends on whether or not your car is garaged -- at night and or in the day? Is it out in the hot sun and exposed to a lot chemicals, such as in or near a large city? Does it rain a lot, or snow often? Is there salt on the road often? How often do you plan to wash the car? Will you wash it yourself, or take it to a commercial car wash? (Too many washes with strong soap may strip wax prematurely) Will you use an "Instant Detailer" or spray wax product in between wax jobs? Do you enjoy waxing your car -- is it fun and therapuetic for you, or is it a pain, requiring physical therapy for your back if you overdo it?

3. As others have mentioned, after about 2 coats of a good wax you are covered, and anything more may bring diminishing returns.

Using an instant detailer like Showtime might be the in between 'reinforcement' you have in mind. I think that Showtime detailer is a superlative product! The best of the detailers on the market, IMO. Also, I have just now started using the new Mother's FX Engineered Spray Wax - Extreme High Gloss Express Detailer over my P21 carnuaba wax (two coats only) and I really like the shine and lubricity I am getting. This FX product will indeed add some additional protective wax, though I believe it is designed to be used frequently and thus not build up or dull your finish.

I also like carnuaba wax over a synthetic, such as 3M Perfect-It Show Car Glaze. That way you get shine, warmth, and depth, with durability and lasting protection.

By the way, good prep work makes for a great wax job. Using a paint cleaner first, followed by a sealer/glaze, will allow your final coat of carnauba or synthetic wax to really shine. All the coats of wax in the world will not make up for a dirty, contaminated paint finish underneath.

I would suggest that you spend the extra time you would have devoted to the extra 8 coats of wax to doing the prep work prior to the final 2 coats of wax. I think that you'll be very happy with the outcome.

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