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Default Re: Will wax protection last longer with several coats?

I have never found 1 coat of carnauba to last more than one and a half months. Part of the problem with layering a carnauba is that the carrier solvents within the wax can take off some of the previous layer, so "spit shining" is one way to aviod it (search it, I'm not so sure of the exact process myself). Also, as the admin said, most carnaubas have a point of diminishing returns--I would bet that several coats over a few weeks could make it to 3 months, but probably not past it. You're probably also better off putting down a layer of synthetic sealant (FX Synwax) and then topping with a couple of coats of carnauba (Phase 3 or TopCoat) spaced over a couple of weeks.
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