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Default Re: How to Choose the Proper Wheel Polish

Refinishing is really the only option to get it like new, as Forrest suggested.

The only way you could remove the corrosion is by sanding it away, removing material, and effectively getting down to bare alloy -- The one challenge here is the face looks like it's machined, and sanding would remove the machined (grooved) finish.

It would be unorthodox, and you'd be on y our own, but you could remove the center cap and sand the material away (along with the clear coat) and re-finish with progressively finer grits of sandpaper, then polish and then re-clear the center -- and keep in mind we can't recommend this but suggest it's an option.

There are wheel repair companies out there that may be equipped to do this on the vehicle -- check with a body shop or paintless dent professional or detailer in your area and perhaps you might have a viable option for not too much money.
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