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Default Re: How to Choose the Proper Wheel Polish

Originally Posted by smiko10 View Post
Im a tad confused about the different types :s

I've got "light alloy wheels" on my car and have no idea whether to use the aluminum polish or not..

Someone please help
It's the finish that you need to be concerned about. You only use aluminum polish such as our PowerMetal, Mag & Aluminum Polish or our Billet Polish if they're a bare polished or polishable finish.

While "light alloy wheels" can be a clue, we'd need a photo or a brand and model.

If they're aftermarket wheels, they could be virtually any finish, or even a combination of finishes. Usually chromed wheels are all chrome. But sometimes a multipiece wheel may have polished lips and coated or painted centers, all polished, or even all coated or painted. One-piece wheels are usually all one finish, whether it be painted or not, they are usually clearcoated over the whole wheel.

But if they're factory from say BMW or Ford or Holden or Toyota or Mercedes (and so on), they are always going to be chromed, chrome clad or clearcoated/painted.

With more information we can help.
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