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Poet93 09-12-2018 07:21 PM

VLR / Protectant / Speed Interior Detailer

I am looking to incorporate some Mothers products into the interior details on my cars (2016 Chevy Colorado with mostly textured plastic inside and 2017 Corvette with mostly coated leather). Some questions I have:

1. Does Speed Interior Detailer provide UV protection as a stand alone product?

2. Is Mothers Protectant safe on coated leather?

3. Is VLR safe (and should it be used) on textured interior plastics? As a stand alone product, does VLR provide UV protection?

Any guidance anyone can provide will be appreciated!

Forrest T. 09-13-2018 09:30 PM

Re: VLR / Protectant / Speed Interior Detailer
Speed Interior Detailer is made to remove light dust, fingerprints, etc. It doesn't provide UV protection.

You can use Protectant on leather, but we suggest products made specifically for leather like our All-In-One Leather Care, or dedicated Leather Cleaner ad Leather Conditioner.

VLR Can be used on textured interior plastics. Make sure you buff away the excess to prevent attracting dust. It does provide UV protection.

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