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About the Wax Forum

Whether you're new to car detailing, a weekend regular or an old pro -- and whether you are a dedicated Mothers Polish user or not -- we want you to feel at home here at the Wax Forum.

Our goal here is to help you, emphasizing process over product. We want you to grasp a better understanding on how to care for your vehicle, how often to perform a variety of routines, and to help you learn for yourself what technique works best for you. All things created equal, technique can make a world of difference.

Please, if at any time you don't feel comfortable performing any procedure discussed here, take your car to a professional.

Respecting Others

As members of the Wax Forum, your participation is as a guest in a close-knit community. Please respect others as you would like others to respect you.

The "No Spam" Rule

Simply put, there is a "No Spam" policy at Unsolicited communications to others about your products or services (Spam) will not be tolerated, and your member privileges may be temporarily or permanently terminated.

The "Don't Plagiarize/Don't Copy" Rule

While referring to other sources of information is oftentimes helpful, please don't outright copy copyrighted works.

An acceptable alternative would be to summarize the point and appropriately cite the source (and include a URL if applicable).

When it is brought to our attention that a possible copyright infringement has occurred, we will attempt to remedy the situation and thus reserve the right to edit the post accordingly.

Also, posting the same material -- regardless of ownership -- on multiple boards would be an infringement on other visitors here in that they expect an informal exchange of ideas and not something they can get elsewhere. Whether it be in the form of "spamming" or "cross-posting" or otherwise self-promotional, it is generally deemed unacceptable.

Please report any possible cases of abuse to

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